Best ATV Trails in Estes Park, Part 2

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Since we have migrated to the cities, and every year, fewer of us live in the country, there is a part of us that yearns to go somewhere else that few others have gone, to be out in nature with no cell phones that beep, and to sit around a campfire at night, watching the stars come out and trying to count them one by one until they are too numerous to count. One of the best places to escape such a city life is the mountains, and in particular, Estes Park.

Estes Park is nestled in the Rocky Mountains and sits at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP), which is one of the most visited national parks year after year. There is so much to see and do here, from horseback riding and hiking to running, fishing, sledding, biking, and riding ATVs. In today’s blog, we’re going to focus on more ATV trails you can ride while you are in Estes Park. Contact Rams Horn Village Resort today to learn more!


Storm Mountain

Storm Mountain is a great peak to ride up to in the summer months near Estes Park. This trail is moderate. The first mile or so is a gradual incline, but after ride atvs rams horn village resort estes parkthat, it gets steep fast. Most of this trail is through the forest, so it’s mostly shaded, which is great for the younger ones in the ATV party. Once you get near the top, the trees disappear, and the trail opens up into spectacular views. You can see Longs Peak and RMNP. This trail is over 16 miles long, and it does connect to different trails in Roosevelt National Forest. If you plan to do the whole trail with no turnarounds, bring plenty of water and snacks for you and the kids. In the fall, this trail is absolutely spectacular, being lit up by fall colors. However, when the road gets wet, it can be slippery in your ATV and a bit harder to navigate. A local secret is that this is one of the best places to see fireworks on July 4th, so plan on packing some blankets, some food and drink, and driving up. Afterwards, you can retreat in luxury to your Rams Horn Village Resort cabin for a well-deserved night’s rest.

Johnny Park OHV Trail

Johnny Park OHV Trail is only a little over five miles, so it would be perfect for those who are renting ATVs for the first time or for those with small children in tow. The trail is rated as moderate, with only one difficult spot to traverse, but there is a go-around located there. This trail is a little ways outside of Estes Park and is popular with hikers. Lots of wildflowers in the spring and summer, and animals are frequently sighted along this trail. This is a less popular trail, so you can use it without worrying about a ton of other users. This trail hooks up with other local trails, which you can follow all day long.

Bright Trail (Taylor Road Trail)

This trail is close to many of the other trails we’ve already mentioned here, including Bunce School Road, Johnny Park Road, and Pierson Park South. riding atvs rams horn village resort estes parkSeven miles in length, this trail is easy and perfect for beginners, or those new to ATV riding and are just looking to get some miles under their belts. About seven miles long, this is a great half-day trail that is very smooth with amazing views at the top. This trail is not heavily used, and you probably won’t see anyone else on it, especially if you go on a week day. At the bottom of the trail is a river where you can hang out, dip your feet in, and enjoy a wonderful picnic. Part of the fun of being in the mountains is the sense that you are the only one out there. This trail will definitely show you what it would have been like hundreds of years ago.

Rock Creek

Many people do Bright Trail and Rock Creek Trail together. Another easy to moderate trail, this trail literally runs through a dense forest with little views to see. However, at the top is a view of the Indian Peaks that is a series of mountains that you can only see when you do venture into the mountains on ATVs. Beautiful wildflowers dot the scene, along with rams horn village resort estes parkgrouse, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, hawks, and more. If you’re lucky, a wayward moose or bull elk will cross your path. This trail is often overlooked because it does lack the mountain views of the others; however, their loss is your gain, as you can ride comfortably in your ATV without worrying about others, and you can get some great practice in on a tame trail. The best part about this trail is arriving at your luxury cabin and taking a nice, hot bath to soothe your tired eyes and body. Rams Horn Village Resort in Estes Park has your luxury cabin waiting for you!


When you get out in nature, you see animals that you usually only see on TV, from elk and the occasional black bear or moose to beautiful mountain bluebirds, hummingbirds, and bald eagles. Trust us, seeing an animal in its natural environment, where it is free to go when and where it pleases, is something you have to see to appreciate.

When you choose Rams Horn Village Resort in Estes Park for your luxury cabin, you’ll not only be in nature, it will be right outside your front door. You will riding atvs in estes park rams horn village resortwake up every morning on your 600 thread count sheets to a calm and quiet that only the mountains can afford, with the song bird being the only one brave enough to break the mood. You can take long walks, listen to rivers and streams, and feel the wind in your face. Your mind will be reinvigorated, and when you return, you’ll be much more productive and creative. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get the next best idea right here in Estes Park.

Our cabins are dripping in amenities, all meant to make your stay comfortable and easy. From stainless steel appliances and a full kitchen to cook in to sofas and couches to watch your favorite Netflix series from, you’ll enjoy coming back to your luxury cabin after a long day of riding. We offer high-speed wireless internet so you can check up on your email, or Google the best Italian restaurant in town for dinner.

When you get back from your ATV ride, the kids can go play in the pool and on the playground, while you relax in one of our three hot tubs. We have a rocky mountain national park rams horn village resortgreat fitness center, laundry facilities, clubhouse, hammocks, and more to keep you entertained at twilight. You can BBQ outdoors and take in a game of horseshoes or volleyball. Our mission is to ensure that if you think of an activity, there is a way to get to it.

Rams Horn Village Resort in Estes Park aims to be your go-to luxury cabin resort for all of your accommodation needs. Contact us today for booking information!