Types of Trees Found in Estes Park: The Ponderosa Pine

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Rams Horn Village Resort offers the best cabins in Estes Park. From an outdoor pool and hot tubs to a full-kitchen and master suites, you will be sure to find a home away from home here. Below, we’ll dive into another tree found in Estes Park, the ponderosa pine. Call us today!


Ponderosa Pine

Another well-known tree in Estes Park is the ponderosa pine tree. This conifer tree often reaches a height of more than 100 feet with a very large trunk. ponderosa pine trees rams horn village resortNeedles can be up to seven inches long, and they are in bundles of two to three. The trees’ crowns can be open rounded or flat-topped. Ponderosa pine trees grow best in the sun, and they are highly drought tolerant. The bark of this tree can be used in part to tell the tree’s age, as it changes in color from grey-black to a cinnamon or red as it ages. The bark also goes from straight to jigsaw as it ages. Many people love the smell of ponderosa pine trees as they often smell like vanilla or butterscotch on warm days.

Ponderosa pine trees make excellent habitat for wildlife, and many animals eat the seeds, such as turkeys, nuthatches, crossbills, grosbeaks, grouse, chipmunks, mice, and squirrels. One species of squirrel, the Abert’s squirrel, is so dependent on the ponderosa pine for its food (it eats the seeds, inner bark, and the tips of its branches) that they are found almost exclusively in stands of ponderosa pine forests.

Other fun facts about the ponderosa pine tree include:

  • An older ponderosa pine tree is resistant to fire because it’s bark is so thick.ponderosa pine tree estes park rams horn village resort
  • It is very resistant to wind, making it a great windbreak tree, because it develops an extremely deep tap root.
  • t’s name comes from a Scottish botanist, David Douglas, who thought the tree’s wood was ponderous.
  • The ponderosa pine was the tree that Lewis and Clark used for their canoes once they made it over the Rocky Mountains.
  • Native Americans used this tree for flour, medicine, and to make tea from its needles.

Unlike its delicate cousin, the aspen tree, the ponderosa pine tree can live up to 400 years. This tree is majestic and beautiful, and its presence in Estes Park makes the mountains all the richer. Rams Horn Village Resort’s luxury cabins offer the best amenities and sumptuous surroundings imaginable. Call today to book!

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