Types of Trees Found in Estes Park: The Quaking Aspen


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Can you imagine a world without trees? Dark and gray it definitely would be. It would definitely be a world without as much beauty and color, especially when the leaves change and drop in the fall. It would be like winter all year long, but worse, because we wouldn’t have evergreen trees either.

Rams Horn Village Resort offers luxury cabins in Estes Park. Located just two miles outside of Estes Park, our vacation rentals have superb amenities, from full-kitchens and two master suites to a heated swimming pool and three hot tubs. Our mission is to make your stay with us comfortable and relaxing. Below, we’ll go over some of the common trees you’ll see here in Estes Park that help to make this place one of the most beautiful places in the United States. Contact us today for booking!


Quaking Aspen

When talking about trees, of course we have to start with the one that is the most famous here in Estes Park, the Quaking Aspen tree. These trees grow toaspen trees estes park rams horn village resort be between 30 and 65 feet tall. Their bark is extremely smooth to the touch and is distinguished by its characteristic white bark with black spots and lines. The branches are long and slender and the leaves are small and tend to be near the top of the tree as it grows. Aspen trees are one of the few deciduous trees that is hardy enough to survive the harsh climate of the mountains in Colorado. The growing season is incredibly short, which prevents aspen seeds from germinating or seedling from surviving oftentimes. However, one interesting fact about the aspen tree is that it can send out shoots of itself that can grow into mature trees themselves, which effectively allows the aspen tree to live for thousands of years. One sad fact is that these trees do not live very long due to the harsh climate, averaging only about 120 years.

Of course, the aspen tree is known for its beautiful colors that light up the mountains of Colorado and Estes Park every fall, prompting millions of people to head up to the mountains to “see the colors.” The changing of the colors begins in early September aspen trees rams horn village resort estes parkand can last through October. The weather dictates whether the colors will be good or bad. Temperature, moisture and light are all important factors. Aspen trees in Colorado can be yellow, orange, or sometimes red. If you visit Estes Park in the fall, you can expect to see many aspen trees dotting the town and the surrounding mountains — a beautiful sight, indeed, to behold. Stay at Rams Horn Village Resort to see this not-to-miss display by Mother Nature.


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